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Where passions and professions intersect.

Tailored pricing plans designed for your needs

$34.95/ annually
  • Full color glossy print magazine
  • Mails to your home, school or business
  • Interactive links and content
  • Distributed quarterly
$14.95/ annually
  • Delivered straight to your inbox
  • Interactive links and content
  • Low price commitment
  • Distributed quarterly
Inquire/ discount
  • Save nearly 50% off retail pricing
  • Minimum order to be considered bulk
  • Magazine delivered to home or business
  • Easily distribute to a large network

Inspire:  Create the curiosity that will make a difference in an industry that is transforming into a new paradigm.

Let's Go Aerospace reaches kids who may otherwise never be exposed to the nuances of the Aerospace Industry and the manufacturing that supports it.

Educate: Learn about opportunities to dig in to specific industry details in a focused and/or hands on approach.

Explore:  Let’s Go Aerospace is designed to introduce our youth to the many new, exciting, and innovative Aerospace advancements.

  • Cool aerospace poster included
  • QR code video content
  • “Did You Know” quiz to make them the smartest kid in the room

We expect to see Let’s Go Aerospace achieve its mission and contribute to inspiring bright minds of the future!

Lisa RichFounder and COO, Xplore Inc - Space As A Service®

This new magazine will be a great step in bridging the gap for a future workforce for aerospace.

Denise RyserExecutive Director, Pacific Northwest Defense Coalition

Some of the coolest parts of the aerospace industry are the best kept secrets. Let’s Go Aerospace is showcasing the things that those of us in the industry know make it the best industry to work in!

Nikki MalcomCEO & Executive Director, Pacific Northwest Aerospace Alliance

Let's Go Aerospace is a wonderful platform to develop student interest in manufacturing careers in aerospace. The format and content is well-geared for young people to learn about career pathways into this industry of the future.

Mark NortonPrincipal, Norton Strategic Consulting

As a workforce consultant and senior HR executive, I work with the K-12 community to support and develop tomorrow’s leaders. I appreciate Let’s Go Aerospace’s initiative to help students, teachers, and employers in STEM, aerospace, and manufacturing. They have built a platform to grow tomorrow’s generation of industry leaders that will take aerospace far into the future.

Dr. Wade LarsonOptimal Talent Dynamics

Inspire. Educate. Explore.

Inspire. Educate. Explore.

Inspire. Educate. Explore.

Inspire. Educate. Explore.

Inspire. Educate. Explore.

Let’s Go Aerospace.

Let’s Go Aerospace.

Let’s Go Aerospace.

Let’s Go Aerospace.

Let’s Go Aerospace.

Frequently asked questions

How often is the magazine published?

Let’s Go Aerospace magazine is published four times each year and is released every three months.

Can I receive a discount for bulk orders?

Yes! We want to spread the word and inspire future aerospace careers.

Request a quote:

[email protected]

Can I purchase hard copies locally?

Yes! Our publication can be mailed directly to your door, but can also be found in bookstores across the United States.